Would Romney Become More Centrist If Elected?

July 30, 2012 at 4:37 pm | Posted in Dysfunctional Politics, Fairness, Presidential election | Leave a comment
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As many have noted, to win the Republican Primary, Willard Mitt Romney has had to appease the most rabid wing of his party.  He even had to disown his own greatest accomplishment so far, the health care reform that he engineered in Massachusetts.  He has also had to reverse his previous public pro-choice position on abortion.

If elected, could he revert to his earlier, more balanced positions?

To be clear, the question here concerns only the views that he changed because he had to say what the right wing of his party insisted on hearing.  It does not concern his views on the merits of increasing the riches and the power of his own class, the economically privileged, and his resulting promise to return to the policies that caused the recent economic mess.  Those views he holds sincerely,

If elected, Romney would want a second term.  He could not risk alienating the ultra-conservative wing of his party.  Romney’s history shows that he takes a long term, multi-year approach to campaigning.  So from day one of his first term, he would avoid reverting to the positions that he had to disown to win the Primary.

It is worth noting why Romney had to disown several of his own views to win the Primary.  Most seats in the House and Senate are safe seats.  That is, voting in the affected Congressional District is dominated by a single party, and whoever wins that party’s nomination for the House, Senate or Presidency will automatically win that district”s election.  Candidates in such a district cannot win by crafting a position that will appeal across party lines.  They must instead appeal to their own party’s most ardent voters and activists, who are predominantly the most ideological and rigid.  They are uncompromising.  The increased number of safe seats is why US politics has become so dysfunctionally partisan and uncompromising.

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