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This is a fascinating post about Pussy Riot’s public prayer to free Russia from Putin. It has links to a video showing their prayer/performance, and thence to a video on the police reacting to a street protest of the arrest and charging of three of the group’s members.

internet brain child

Political protests come in many shapes and sizes. From online petitions to real-life rallies, hardly a day goes by without a minority group generously sharing their opinions via megaphone on the steps of Parliament. But Russian political punk-rock band Pussy Riot, are not your average political protestors. In March this year, three female band members stormed Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and performed a ‘punk prayer’ in which they asked Virgin Mary to drive away President Vladimir Putin. The trio were arrested for hooliganism motivated by religious hatred and have been in jail since. Their trial is currently being held, and the deeply politicised Russian judicial system is causing global controversy.

What’s particularly unique about Pussy Riot’s protest – aside from their colourful balaclavas, their energetic dance style and their defiance of a political regime reminiscent of Stalin’s Russia – is their means of communication. The political…

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