How to Vote Against Trump

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Twice the impact.  Created 2016-09-26 by

Twice the impact. Created 2016-09-26 by


How can you best fight against Trump?

How can you best protect

  • the country,
  • freedom of speech,
  • political freedom here and world-wide,
  • innocent persons,
  • human fairness,
  • the US Treasury,
  • the human world,
  • and the natural world,

against the damage that each of those would suffer if Mussolini-like Trump became President?

Some of the voters who are revolted by Trump are planning to vote against Trump without voting for Hillary.

They are planning to vote against Trump by voting for the Green candidate, or are planning to vote for the Libertarian candidate.

But a vote for anyone other than Hillary is only half a vote against Trump.

Here is why.

Although voting for one of the spoiler candidates doesn’t increase Trump’s tally, it also doesn’t increase his opponent’s tally. It has zero effect on the comparison of their two tallys, which is the comparison that will determine who becomes President.

A vote for Hillary doesn’t increase Trump’s tally by 1, but also does increase Hillary’s tally by 1.
That increases the difference between Hillary’s tally and Trump’s tally by 2 units.
That is two blows against Trump.

A vote for the Green or for the Libertarian candidate doesn’t increase Trump’s tally by 1, but that is only half the effect on the difference between Hillary’s tally and Trump’s tally that would be produced by a vote for Hillary.

Remember what happened when Ralph Nader acted (unintentionally) as a spoiler against Gore.

How did that turn out?

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  1. On the flip side, I am concerned about
    1) personal corruption by a public servant
    2) incoherent foreign policy
    3) paying enormous sums of cash to our sworn enemies
    4) the inability to that Radical Islam is our enemy
    5) a mindset that considers the Constitution, which is a legal document , and therefore fixed and unchanging like any legal document, to be a “Living” document , changeable at a whim, unlike other legal documents,
    6) If I’m on a jam in Benghazi and call for help, will the President answer the phone and send help, or will it be , as in the past, 4 more deaths just dont matter?
    7) will some who is willing to prosecute a poor filmmaker for exercising his free speech rights and then blaming him for Al Queda attack , is such a person fit to be president?
    8) someone who puts public e mails on a Private server – a felony itself- and then lies about it under oath – can they be President?
    9) someone who compromises secret intelligence sources which gets at least 2 of them killed – are they redponsible to be President?
    10) Can anyone who would continue economic policies of last 8 years, which has destroyed jobs and made millions into poorly supported victims of the welfare state/ should they be given the reins?

    I think not.

    Please tell me how to elect someone who’s not a politician and believes that America is not just one of many but is Exceptional, and is really a Shining City on a Hill, someone who made his own money in business rather than in kickbacks from foreign governments… Namely Mr. Trump

    • Thank you for your comment.

      Your list of widespread assertions, and your multi-part rhetorical request at the end, are important.

      Each of those items deserves a more detailed reply than can comfortably fit within the comments section at the end of the present post, so an upcoming post will be devoted to your comment. That post will repeat your comment in full, interspersed with the replies.

  2. […] In particular, many of these assertionas were usefully collected together in Greg Tag’s comment on the previous post, How to Vote Against Trump . These assertions implicitly rest upon […]

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