Healthcare For All versus Medicare for All

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U.S. Air Force surgeons Dr. Patrick Miller (left), Dr. Michael Hughes (right), and surgical technician SrA Ray Wilson from the 379th Expeditionary Medical Squadron, repair the ruptured achilles tendon of a servicemember on March 11, 2003. The doctors are performing this surgey at a field hospital in a forward-deployed location.

For people who are currently satisfied with their health insurance, forcing them to replace their insurance by Medicare would be a coercive version of Health Care For All. A non-coercive Health Care For All would include the option of private insurance.

People who are currently satisfied with their health insurance are numerous, and a larger percentage of them vote than do those in the general population.

For this large bloc of people, insisting upon Medicare For All would be a show-stopper, in the sense that these people (myself included) cannot vote for any candidate who insists on Medicare For All, no matter how many other good positions are espoused by that candidate.

By insisting upon Medicare For All, a candidate needlessly loses a very significant number of votes.

President Chump: A Contest

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Scary Clown, photographed by Graeme Maclean in 2005.

Scary Clown, photographed by Graeme Maclean in 2005.

The skillfull, aristrocratic hippie poet Lord Byron was described as being “mad, bad, and dangerous to know.”

That was astute but exaggerated in Byron’s case. It is an apt and unexaggerated characterization of America’s sleaziest, most dishonest, and stupidest President: President Chump.

There is new evidence evidence that President Chump is indeed the Creepy Clown in the White House: here1, here2, here3, here4, here5:

Here are a few tweets (here) about this episode, followed by a suggestion for a political cartoon based upon this incident, and then the announcement of a contest to draw the best version of that political cartoon:

– If what E. Jean Carroll says is true, #PresidentChump attempted rape.
He should be tried.
If convicted, he should go to jail, and should be required to register as a sex offender.

– #PresidentChump claims the he didn’t rape E. Jean Carroll because
she “is not my type”.
Pause for a moment, to digest what Chump’s statement says about his character.

– #PresidentChump claims that he didn’t rape E. Jean Carroll because
“she’s not my type”. But Lady Liberty (the Statue of Liberty) is not his type either, and that hasn’t prevented Chump’s repeated attempts to penetrate her.

This would be a good two-panel cartoon:
Panel 1: Chump in 1995 or 1996, with his pants down and his back toward us, thrusting at E. Jean Carroll.
Panel 2: Chump in 2019, with his pants down (his rear end fatter and droopier than before) and his back toward us, thrusting at Lady Liberty.

If Chump’s campaign in 2020 wanted an honest emblem, that cartoon would be it.

Thepoliblog hereby announces a contest to produce the best version of that two-panel cartoon.

The winner – or winners – would reap no financial award, but would reap recognition and satisfaction, in having struck a forceful blow for humanity.

To enter, in the comments section of this blog indicate the URL of your entry.

Trump at the Lincoln Memorial on July 4

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Daniel Chester French's statue at the Lincoln Memorial of Abraham Lincoln; photo by Jeff Kubina.

Daniel Chester French’s statue at the Lincoln Memorial of Abraham Lincoln; photo by Jeff Kubina.

President Chump has inserted himself into this year’s July 4 celebration on the Mall.

That is clever, but evil.

Chump will be there to propagandize and mis-inform, not to elevate and inspire.

The Lincoln Memorial is a memorial to freedom, and July 4 is a date that memorializes freedom, unity, and rigorously thought-out principled choices.

Chump – an enemy of American values and of the free world – will pollute that place and that date by his presence, and by his words, and by his whole cast of mind.

If you will be near the Lincoln Memorial when Chump speaks, you might like to:

Bring a sign:

…………President Chump!

…………The Creepy Clown in the White House

…………Don’t Trumpollute the Lincoln Memorial!

…………President Chump, Enemy of the Free World


…………..President Chump! President Chump!
…………………….Take him to the dump!

………….President Chump! Lock him up!

Each time he lies or advocates evil:

——–Boo loudly

——–shout “Liar!, Liar!”

If any entrepreneur is clever enough to be selling miniature Trump Baby balloons:

——–Jiggle yours, especially if the balloon is where Chump can’t avoid seeing it.

You might want to arrive early, to be close to the Lincoln Memorial,
so that cameras filming from the Memorial will show your balloon and signs.

Bring water!

Eugene Robinson, in an insightful column in the Washington Post, explains well the irony of Chump’s presence at this event. Here is a quote from Robinson’s column:
On Feb. 24, Trump posted this alarming tweet: “HOLD THE DATE!
We will be having one of the biggest gatherings in the history of Washington, D.C.,
on July 4th. It will be called ‘A Salute To America’ and will be held at the Lincoln Memorial. Major fireworks display, entertainment and an address by your favorite President, me!”

Note the signature pretentiousness of Chump’s tweet: “the biggest“, and “your favorite President, me!” Notice also the other characteristic of Chump’s statements: the self-serving attempt to pre-empt the way you think about the importance of his speech, and how you categorize him.

Scary Clown, photographed by Graeme Maclean in 2005.

Scary Clown, photographed by Graeme Maclean in 2005.

The Microphone Eaters

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Huey Lewis performing at at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, FL on September 27, 2006; photo by Carl Lender at .

If you were the microphone in the picture above, wouldn’t you be terrified?

All of the singer’s belligerence – all of the singer’s vehemence – would be directed at you.

Wouldn’t you be revolted?

All of the singer’s drool would be directed at you. Yuck!

In the past, singers did not appear to be trying to eat the microphone. They maintained a respectful distance. They treated the microphone as a fellow human being, rather than as food.

Chuck Berry on the television program The Midnight Special. Photo by NBC Television.

But that courtesy has vanished, as have so many other courtesies.

Some rock concerts feature more than one singer. If the same microphone is used by all of them, each singer will be trying to eat the same microphone that all of the previous singers had tried to eat.

Is the microphone sterilized between singers? It should be.

If the same microphone is used by all, the probability that each singer catches a communicable disease will equal the number of previous speakers, times the probability that a random singer has a communicable disease.

Medical data on the singers would therefore enable us to measure the probability that rock singers have communicable diseases.

Wouldn’t that be usedul?

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