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President Chump (From Dover Pictura, Fantasy Vector Designs, copyright 2010 by Dover Publications, Inc., used with permission.)

President Chump (Drawing from Dover Pictura, Fantasy Vector Designs, copyright 2010 by Dover Publications, Inc., used with permission.)


A Federal court recognized that President Chump often uses his tweets for official statements, and therefore ruled that because of the First Amendment to the Constitution, President Chump cannot block comments by the public on his twitter page.

The ruling is described in an article by Larry Neumeister (Associated Press), and in an article by Ann E. Marimow (Washington Post).

This ruling provides a precious channel for the public to:

refute President Chump’s lies and ignorant assertions, almost immediately after the twit has tweeted them, and before they can gain traction;

– do so where Chump’s followers cannot avoid seeing the evidence that Chump is wrong;

provide ammunition that others can use in political and legal actions.

Here are examples of comments to Chump’s tweets that thepoliblog – thanks to the court’s ruling – has been able to post on Chump’s twitter time-line (@realDonaldTrump):

@realDonaldTrump, #PresidentChump, are you proud of what you tried to do to Vera Coking? (See here  and here ) And YOU call OTHER people NASTY!

#PresidentChump = President John Barron = President John Baron = President John Miller.
You pretended to the New York Times to be other people having insider information about the wealth and victories of Donald Trump.  That was ACTUAL Fake News!

Horrible abuses? #PresidentChump, you claim that you didn’t rape E. Jean Carroll because “she’s not my type”. Look at the photo in  In the mid-1990s she WAS your type. Lyin’ Donald Trump.

#PresidentChump, you claim that you didn’t rape E. Jean Carroll in the mid-1990s.
Your denial is less convincing now that you are doing the same thing to Lady Liberty.

The United States WAS the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth before
you became #PresidentChump. You didn’t Make America Great Again,
you Made America Second Rate Again.

The most harmful immigrants so far have been the ancestors of
#PresidentChump, and Rupert Murdoch.

#PresidentChump, in 2002 you said of Jeffrey Epstein “… he likes beautiful women
as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” How young did you know about?

thepoliblog is not the only person who uses the term President Chump.
While using twitter, you can find the many tweets that use that term by searching for that term, and also by searching for #PresidentChump.

If you, too, adopt this term, you will help to turn it into a meme that will weaken Chump’s ability to damage the United States and other open, humane societies.

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