President Chump: A Contest

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Scary Clown, photographed by Graeme Maclean in 2005.

Scary Clown, photographed by Graeme Maclean in 2005.

The skillfull, aristrocratic hippie poet Lord Byron was described as being “mad, bad, and dangerous to know.”

That was astute but exaggerated in Byron’s case. It is an apt and unexaggerated characterization of America’s sleaziest, most dishonest, and stupidest President: President Chump.

There is new evidence evidence that President Chump is indeed the Creepy Clown in the White House: here1, here2, here3, here4, here5:

Here are a few tweets (here) about this episode, followed by a suggestion for a political cartoon based upon this incident, and then the announcement of a contest to draw the best version of that political cartoon:

– If what E. Jean Carroll says is true, #PresidentChump attempted rape.
He should be tried.
If convicted, he should go to jail, and should be required to register as a sex offender.

– #PresidentChump claims the he didn’t rape E. Jean Carroll because
she “is not my type”.
Pause for a moment, to digest what Chump’s statement says about his character.

– #PresidentChump claims that he didn’t rape E. Jean Carroll because
“she’s not my type”. But Lady Liberty (the Statue of Liberty) is not his type either, and that hasn’t prevented Chump’s repeated attempts to penetrate her.

This would be a good two-panel cartoon:
Panel 1: Chump in 1995 or 1996, with his pants down and his back toward us, thrusting at E. Jean Carroll.
Panel 2: Chump in 2019, with his pants down (his rear end fatter and droopier than before) and his back toward us, thrusting at Lady Liberty.

If Chump’s campaign in 2020 wanted an honest emblem, that cartoon would be it.

Thepoliblog hereby announces a contest to produce the best version of that two-panel cartoon.

The winner – or winners – would reap no financial award, but would reap recognition and satisfaction, in having struck a forceful blow for humanity.

To enter, in the comments section of this blog indicate the URL of your entry.

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