How to stop suicide bombings

July 16, 2012 at 10:40 am | Posted in Terrorism | Leave a comment

Many are willing to serve as suicide bombers.  Few have the expertise to build the explosive devices.  One bomb builder may equip  many suicide bombers.  So eliminating the bomb builders would be an efficient way of reducing the number of suicide bombings.

Most suicide bombers are not walk-ins.  They must be wooed and recruited.  The recruiters are not as scarce as the bomb builders, so they are not as efficient as a choke point.  But the recruiters are indispensible to the process.  Also, one recruiter can recruit many suicide bombers.  Eliminating recruiters will help.

The family and friends of a now-dead bomber will often know the identity of the bomb builder.  They will also often know who recruited the suicide bomber.  The family and friends should be encouraged to identify the bomb-builder and the recruiter.  Each are at least as culpable as the suicide bomber.

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