President Chump at Valley Forge

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Washington and Lafayette at Valley Forge, John Ward Dunsmore, 1906

Washington and Lafayette at Valley Forge, John Ward Dunsmore, 1906

Shortly after noon on December 24, President Chump tweeted:
I am all alone (poor me) in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come back and make a deal on desperately needed Border Security.

(Philip Rucker, in the Washington Post.  The original tweet is here.)

This comes on top of President Chump’s repeated whining deceptive unpatriotic claim that the investigation of Putin’s interference in the US election in 2016 is “a witch hunt”.

All of these statements reek of self pity, and of trying to deflect blame.
Hence they reek of fear.

Can you imagine George Washington whining with self pity like that? Even during the cold, resource-starved, discouraging winter at Valley Forge?

Can you imagine George Washington trying to deflect blame?

President Chump – the weakest President we have ever had.

Because of his bottomless insecurity, President Chump claims superlatives whenever possible. But he did not realize that by his tweets he was inadvertantly claiming to be the ‘weakest President’.

Here are truthful superlatives that apply to President Chump:

– The largest number of whining tweets.

– The Whiner in Chief.

– The Chief Whino.

Eugene Robinson, in the Washington Post, has concisely summarized America’s greatest current problem:

The chaos all around us is what happens when the nation elects an incompetent, narcissistic, impulsive and amoral man as president.

It is difficult, at the moment, to fully assess the damage Trump is wreaking. We have never had a president like him, so history is a poor guide. For his racism, we can perhaps look back to Woodrow Wilson; his general unfitness to hold the nation’s highest office recalls the hapless Andrew Johnson. Maybe Andrew Jackson was as impetuous, maybe Richard M. Nixon as venal.

In connection with Andrew Jackson, “impetuous” should be expanded to “impetuous and cruel”. With that extension, the statement still applies to President Chump.

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